Business IT Systems Evaluation Bolton

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As part of the IT assessment, we review your existing IT Infrastructure and process workflows with focus on automation and improving efficiencies to deliver major cost savings.

Our IT evaluation phase will start with an onsite audit at your convenience and depending on the size of business, this process may take up to 5 days.

Even if you already have an in-house IT team or use the services of a third party this phase will add significant value to your organisation.

Technical Business IT Audit

Asset management

Network (LAN, WAN, VPN) and telephony

Data/information storage, integrity and security

Business risk management

Software application, audit and compliance

Security audit, threats and processes

Policies and procedures

MIS reporting

Dedicated To Improve Your Profit & Efficiencies

Post site visit, our experts will analyse and evaluate your IT organisational structure, policies, procedures and documentation, report the findings and make recommendations. We will then review the proposals with you and by working together plan your solution phase. Rest assured our IT evaluation will ensure your company benefits from cost savings and efficiencies across your business.

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