Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is a vital component of modern business operations. It ensures organisations have effective connectivity, communication and management between users, equipment and external networks.

Whether your company has a single site and a simple LAN/WAN network topology or multi-site intranet, continued monitoring and management of your network infrastructure is essential to the smooth running of your business.  You can depend on Re4mit to consolidate and deliver modern, robust and scalable network support solutions optimising your IT operations and accelerating company performance.

Transform your Network Infrastructure

Our range of network support services include network optimisation, security audit and firmware upgrade to providing premium managed network service, where we monitor and maintain your complete network infrastructure

  • Network Products and Services – LAN, LAN, VLAN, Firewalls, Wifi, Switches, Routers, Cabinets, Patching and Cabling, Single site or Multi-site, Intranet, Extranet
  • Remote Access – VPN
  • Intra-connectivity of all your business locations – VPN/MPLS
  • Disaster Recovery – Resilience, hot and cold standby, data backup and restoration
  • WAN Connections – Broadband, ethernet and wireless 5G
  • WIFI Hot Spots – Single and multi-buildings
  • Managed Services – Maintain health of network, network devices and WAN links, Firmware updates and patches. Fault finding and fix, firewall and load balancers maintenance.
  • Network optimization – Resolve your bottlenecks, optimize performance and provide resiliency

Reduce network complexity and operational workload

Wireless or fixed, LAN or WAN, single device or complete network solution, single site or multi-site, whatever your business demands, we are here to support you.

Re4mit’s network solutions not only provide fast, efficient and robust connectivity, they are managed by a team with specialist knowledge and experience to bring together best in class network services and solutions to meet your business goals and budget.

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