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Is Voip technology right for my business?

What is VoIP? (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows the user to make telephone calls over the internet cost effectively. Not only is VoIP much cheaper to run, it is flexible, extremely simple to use and provides many smart features which are not supported by the traditional (PSTN) phone.

VoIP will replace all standard telephone systems in the future, with analogue phone switch off planned for 2025 coupled with landlines becoming obsolete, alternative solutions need to be sourced and implemented by all businesses. VoIP technology is the modern way organisations are communicating with customers around the globe.

Enhance your business operations with Voip communication

Delivered exclusively over our network connectivity products (including broadband and leased line) and carried across our highly resilient core network, you can be assured of excellent call quality and new flexible features that will benefit your business with an immediate return on investment:

  • Save money  – With Voip installation costs are minimal and in a lot of cases the system can plug directly to your existing internet infrastructure. That’s not all, savings can also be made on calls, through regular call record analysis, because you will have access to all your call data electronically in a single file regardless of how many geographical sites you have in your organisation.
  • Flexible/mobile – VoIP functionality is not just restricted to the office. There are a range of mobile applications available which enable your employees to call using VoIP from where ever they are.  Calls can be quickly redirected to other lines, including mobiles.
  • Easy to use features & more – Voip enables a host of features including voicemail, conferencing, messaging, call recording, sending voice messages to emails as well as route calls intelligently making your internal communications speedier and more accessible.
  • Scalable  – Flexibility to add more users to your phone system? With VoIP you do not have to worry about expansion, we can scale the solution dynamically allowing for your telephone system to grow in line with your business. VoIP is fully scalable and extends to homeworkers.
  • One system that will last a long time, even if your business is moving office, you have the flexibility to divert numbers to mobiles and just physically move your phones to the new premises and they will just work once plugged in.
  • Stay better connected to your customers with a lower cost and streamlined approach to communications.

Voip can reduce call costs by as much as 30-50%, as well as help you save on line rentals.

At Re4mit our engineers can scale the size of the telephone system, from the small single office through to multi-site networks; providing seamless, reliable, predictable and hassle-free communications experience. If you’re still wrestling with a conventional phone system, perhaps it’s time to consider the alternative; VoIP can revolutionise efficiency, connectivity and productivity in your office.

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