The Benefits of Switching to Voip Telephony

The Benefits of Switching to Voip Telephony

Reduces Costs up to 50% in call costs  and line rental. Voip installation costs are minimal and in a lot of cases the system can plug directly to your existing internet infrastructure. That’s not all, savings can also be made on calls, through regular call record analysis, because you will have access to all your call data electronically in a single file regardless of how many geographical sites you have in your organisation.

Scalable & Flexible – You can have flexibility with mobile applications not just physical phones. 

To add more users to your phone system you do not have to worry about expansion, we can scale the solution dynamically allowing for your telephone system to grow in line with your business. VoIP is fully scalable and extends to homeworkers.

Easy to use features & more – Voip enables a host of features including voicemail, conferencing, messaging, call recording, sending voice messages to emails as well as route calls intelligently making your internal communications speedier and more accessible.

One system that will last a long time, even if your business is moving office, you have the flexibility to divert numbers to mobiles and just physically move your phones to the new premises and they will just work once plugged in.

Installation quick to deploy, easy to manage service, no CAPEX requirement and fixed monthly costs.

Stay better connected to your customers with a lower cost and streamlined approach to communications.

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