Managed Business IT Services Leigh

Tailored IT Support Leigh

In today’s information age, technology plays a critical role in business development, without efficient and user-friendly IT systems, very few organisations would be able to function effectively.

Working in partnership Re4mit’s flexible, scalable and reliable bespoke IT Solutions will unlock your business potential to improve performance, manage risk and drive innovation through quality products, solutions and services at the best possible price!

IT Support for Small & Medium Size Businesses in Leigh

Managed IT Support Leigh

Re4mit’s expert team of support engineers will act as your personal IT department and will take care of everything from IT consultancy, IT support for desktop, laptops and mobile devices to managing servers, networks, data back ups, cybersecurity and your cloud applications. Our IT support service is tailored to your specific business needs and budget helping you to build, grow and improve your performance.

Complementary IT Support Leigh

Support We work in partnership with your in-house IT department, providing additional resource and expertise on demand. This type of support can be provided on an ad-hoc (perhaps as part of a specific project) or ongoing basis.

How do you benefit from Integrating IT to your business goals?

Save time and costs 

Prevent downtime 

Boost performance & productivity

Work efficiently

Maintain security 

Future proof your business

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Re4mit’s IT Audit Process

Step 1 -Our Engineers will review and evaluate your company’s IT infrastructure, policies and operations and determine whether IT controls protect corporate assets, ensure data integrity and are aligned with the business’s overall goals.

Step 2– We will establish how your business technology is deployed, so you are able to effectively plan for the costs, timings, and the benefits of your future technology requirements.

Step 3 -Re4mit’s partnership approach means we have your best interest at heart and the right level of support and management of your IT Systems delivering optimum efficiencies and saving you costs.

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Re4mit’s Key IT Services

Pro-Active IT Support 24/7

Proactive remote management of Hardware and software from a single platform.

IT Hardware

Computers, desktop laptop, printers, scanners, finger print authentication or building access and refurbished/new IT equipment.

IT Software

Office 365 (exchange and email, Share point, Libra and Open Office, Anti-virus and Malware, patch management, Installation and management of software specific to your business

Managed IT Services

Deploy new desktops including software installation, maintain regular back ups

Maintain Health of PC

Maintenance of hardware, software, upgrade, restore, adding new users, applying patches, ensuring file server maintenance.

IT Support FAQs

What IT Support Services do you offer?

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How much do your IT Support services cost?

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Do you offer on-site IT Support?

Coming soon.

How easy is it to switch IT Support providers?

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Smooth Transition of IT Support Leigh

We will contact your current IT provider, if you have one and ensure that all services are transferred to Re4mit as quickly as possible.

Don’t have an IT company at the moment? Not to worry, we will prepare all the documentation and get you set up and covered with our hassle free IT support service.

IT Training Leigh

No point having the latest IT equipment and software if no one knows how to use it? We provide training workshops to educate your staff on everything they need to know.

Once your staff are up to speed our experts are just a phone call away 24/7 to provide ongoing support, and address any issues, or concerns that may arise.

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