Cloud Computing

From enhancing internal operations to transforming customer relationships, cloud services can shift competitive landscapes and provide new platforms for delivering business value. We can help you understand this cutting-edge new technology and by realising your business challenges, help you captivate and harness cloud-based solutions with long lasting results.

Cloud computing can:

  • Increase flexibility -add and reduce computer resources as required
  • Greater accessibility -access systems from anywhere using PCs, laptops or mobile devices
  • Reduce capital expenditure -Do not need to invest in expensive server hardware and software
  • Lower costs -cloud based systems often require less support as the infrastructure provider takes care of some elements of the service

If you still require servers, cloud solutions can offer greater flexibility and reduced risk. By virtualising your servers we can remove your single point of failure, and therefore the risk to your business of a server letting you down.

Virtualisation is perhaps the single most highly sort technology of this century. It allows software and applications to be hosted on a virtual platform which can be dynamically scaled as and when the need arises. There is no longer the urge to worry about replacing aging old hardware and in the event of a failure, virtualisation will allow a standby to be activated within seconds enabling your business to benefit from true 24*7*365 uptime of your key systems and applications.

For expert advice on how virtualisation may benefit your business contact Re4mit today!

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